How to Cut Business Costs by Reducing Repetitive Tasks

Owners and agents have many demands on their time, so it’s critically important that your administrative processes apply expert attention where it’s needed most. Read on to learn how automation as part of your loan management system provides a competitive advantage by keeping your team focused on driving growth in your business.

Save Agent Time with Automation

With robust data and powerful analytics, it is now possible to operate many of your portfolio’s core functions autonomously including contract presentation and execution, loan verification & funding, collection, marketing, refinancing, and more. The right blend of autonomous and human responsiveness supports the performance of your loan portfolio by keeping your agents free to interact with customers where their expertise is providing the most value, especially at times when you are experiencing growth or otherwise short on staff.

Centralize Customer Service on One Screen

Agents can answer customer questions quickly and efficiently when all of the information they need to work a loan is right in front of them, consolidated into one simple dashboard – ideally on a screen with auto-refresh functionality so that customer’s data updates in real-time during that voice, email, or text communication. This saves your agents time, improves customer satisfaction, and minimizes error during the interaction ultimately saving money at every turn.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators in Real Time

Set each of your critical KPIs in your LMS dashboard based on the criteria that are most important to your unique business with alerts dedicated to your predetermined thresholds. By responding dynamically to rapidly changing market conditions, you can maximize profitability by quickly taking action. Make sure you select a dashboard that is scalable to all of your devices so that you can review your performance alerts from anywhere at any time.


Automating repetitive tasks accumulates significant savings and maximizes profitability for your loan portfolio daily. Totality provides a one-stop shop for loan management utilizing leading-edge automation to be accurate, insightful, and easy to use–so you save time, money, and hassle.

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