Designed to Solve
Real-World Loan
Management Problems

Experience the benefits of end-to-end automation, designed by industry experts, with no excessive fees or long-term contracts.

Totality Helps You Avoid Frustrations Like…

Wasting Time on Repetitive Tasks

Keep your agents focused on driving revenue by automating communication. Totality’s powerful data analytics will operate your portfolio’s core functions almost entirely autonomously - from customer engagement, to contract presentation and execution, loan verification & funding, collection, marketing, refinancing, and more.

Save time - and money - on every transaction by selectively engaging your agents in more profitable processes. Consider the opportunity cost of keeping agents bogged down with admin and aggregation when they could be responsively working loans, dynamically responding to KPI concerns, and optimizing their internal workflow to best meet the needs of even more customers.

Inefficient Customer Communications

Your customers expect to reach you by phone, email, or text at all hours of the day. A combined approach of automated communications and live agent touchpoints, all centralized in one easy-to-use interface sets your team up for success with response-driven capabilities.

Our reports are simple, modern, and responsive to help your agents engage in complex communications that move faster than ever. Plus, Totality refreshes automatically, so agents are always seeing the most up-to-date information while working a loan with a customer, ensuring accuracy every time.

Lagging Performance Indicator Reports

When we say clarity and control at your fingertips, we mean it: your days of making phone calls from the car on the way to the airport are over. With Totality, you’ll have access to a fully-customized KPI dashboard that is simple and clean while being optimized for all of your mobile devices, with data aggregated from multiple sources refreshing all the time.

Don’t want to be tied to your phone on-the-go? Totality is the only LMS with automated KPI alerts, so we’ll let you know if a critical metric needs attention right away. Empower your team to dynamically respond to real-time insights without the constant need to manually track portfolio performance, or having to reference information from multiple sources.

Build personalized KPI’s using the metrics that are most important to you, and make changes to them quickly and easily as your needs change. No fees, no downtime, no hassle.

Stressful Onboarding

Changing over to a new enterprise software can be overwhelming, and usually comes with a lot of hidden fees or missing functionalities. Getting your team running on the new platform, making sure all of the data is flowing correctly, and helping your agents understand their dashboard insights are all imperative to your success.

Your fee includes our powerful Totality dashboard, plus an additional 2-10 hours per month of development, training, and enhancements at no additional cost. Our team of experts at Totality will guide you through the onboarding process, helping you understand how to use our product completely while also setting you up with all of the information you need to grow Totality’s capabilities along with your business.

Help That Is…Not Helpful

We know, we know: you’ve been promised help before. You’ve been in an endless loop of robocalls, connected to a third party call center, placed in a queue of emails…meanwhile your business charges forward without actually getting the support you need. How is Totality any different?

We believe that the success of our platform relies on the ability of operators to successfully use it, so Totality’s support is delivered by the same US-based tech team that built our platform. We take our promise for a great experience every time so seriously because, as industry-experienced veterans, we built Totality to solve real-world loan management issues - and that includes getting effective help when you need it.

Endless Nickel & Diming

Why does it feel like purchasing a new LMS license is just the beginning of your spending, rather than the end? Fees for tech support, fees for upgrades, fees for communication, and fees for seemingly every move you make have operators fed up with the current LMS technology landscape.

Custom software enhancements are programmed in a timely manner without having to wait on a consultant or communicate between third parties, and are primarily included in licensing fees which helps to ensure a simple and reasonable pricing structure with no more fluctuating monthly bills.

Ridiculous Contract Terms

It is hard to feel like your vendor is a partner in your business when the relationship begins with an astonishingly long contract term. You want to be secure in your service but you also know the needs of your business continually evolve, so a long-term agreement feels risky at best.

Totality won’t lock you down with a long-term contract. So, if for any reason you wanted to move on and use a different platform, you could. But frankly we’re not worried about that, because there is no other LMS software built by seasoned Ph.D. level data scientists, CFOs and CTOs, lead managers, and vendor operator veterans with a deep understanding of the existing issues and pain points that lenders face daily.

What Makes Totality Stand Out?

Totality delivers all the functionality–and the support–you need.

Time-Saving Automation

Streamline your lending decisions and operate your portfolio’s core functions almost entirely autonomously with no need for agent interaction.

  • Data-Driven

    Save time start-to-finish on repetitive tasks like customer engagement, loan verification, funding, contract presentation, and execution with our powerful data-driven decisioning engine.

  • Efficient

    Process refinancing, collections, and marketing outreach with seamless automation instead of wasting your top talent on high volume transactions.

Time Saving Automation

Simplified Agent Interface

With Totality, your agents can effectively manage a customer’s loan from start to finish all in one sleek screen that auto-refreshes for maximum accuracy.

  • Centralized

    Our interface makes it easy to manage today’s response-driven multichannel customer interactions including voice, email, and text all in one centralized location.

  • Responsive

    Whether your communication is automated for high level, on-demand responsiveness, or performed by an agent for a more personalized approach, Totality houses all of the information needed for successful customer interaction.

Real Time KPI Tracking

Owners and operators are always on-the-go, so we designed Totality’s KPI dashboard to be fully customizable, flexible in reporting, and optimized for all of your mobile devices.

  • Visible

    Gain real-time insights into your portfolio operations and dynamically react to market conditions without making phone calls or reconciling data from separate sources.

  • Consolidated

    Maximize your profitability by monitoring portfolio performance in one simple interface.

Real-time KPI Tracking

Performance Alerts

Data is only as powerful as the analytic insights it provides, and Totality is the only LMS with advanced technology that delivers custom KPI alerts.

  • Customizable

    Set up the specific metrics that are important to you and your business, and our data analysis system will keep a watchful eye on their performance at all times.

  • Actionable

    We’ll notify you in real-time if your average lead cost has increased from your monthly average, call penetration has decreased since the prior week, or any number of other critical thresholds are exceeded.

Performance Alert Settings

Designed for Integration

Totality is built with the future in mind.

  • Scalable

    With integrations and comprehensive customization options to meet your specific needs, you can feel confident that Totality will grow with your business without added cost or hassle.

  • All-Inclusive

    Custom software enhancements are programmed in a timely manner and included in licensing fees, which helps to ensure a simple pricing structure with no surprise bills.

CRM Integration Totality

Comprehensive Support

Onboarding with Totality is free and fully supported by the US-based tech team that built our software, so you can count on a smooth transition and a dependable partnership.

  • Helpful

    Your Totality fee includes 2-10 hours of support per month after onboarding, and we’ll never leave you hanging with a tool you’re not sure how to use or a product that doesn’t actually meet your needs - even if those needs change over time.

  • Flexible

    We won’t lock you down with a long-term contract. So, if you wanted to use a different platform, you could. But frankly, we’re not worried about that, because we created the exact tool that operators really need.

Comprehensive Customer Support
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