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Totality provides a one-stop shop for loan management utilizing leading-edge automation to be accurate, insightful, and easy to use–so you save time, money, and hassle.

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Loan management software

An Innovative Solution for All of Your Loan Management Problems

Wasting Time on Repetitive Tasks

Totality’s powerful data analytics will operate your portfolio’s core functions autonomously - from customer engagement, to contract presentation and execution, loan verification & funding, collection, marketing, refinancing, and more. Keep your agents focused on driving revenue by automating repetitive tasks.

Endless Nickel & Diming

Operators are frustrated with the endless fees in the current LMS technology landscape. With Totality, custom software enhancements are programmed in a timely manner and are primarily included in licensing fees. This ensures a simple and reasonable pricing structure with no more fluctuating monthly bills.

Ridiculous Contract Terms

It is hard to feel like your vendor is a partner when the relationship begins with an astonishingly long contract term. You want to be secure in your service but you also know the needs of your business continually evolve, so a long-term agreement feels risky at best. Totality won’t lock you down with a long-term contract because we’re confident that our software will meet all of your needs.

Designed by Industry Experts for Accuracy & Ease of Use

Time-Saving Automation

Streamline your lending decisions and operate your portfolio’s core functions autonomously with no need for agent interaction. Save time start-to-finish on repetitive tasks like customer engagement, loan verification and funding. Process refinancing, collections, and marketing outreach with seamless automation instead of wasting your top talent on high-volume transactions.

Time Saving Automation

Simplified Agent Interface

With Totality, your agents can effectively manage a customer’s loan from start to finish in one sleek screen that auto-refreshes for maximum accuracy. Our interface makes it easy to manage today’s response-driven multichannel customer interactions including voice, email, and text all in one centralized location. Whether your communication is automated for high-level on-demand responsiveness or performed by an agent for a more personalized approach, Totality houses all of the information needed for a successful customer interaction.

Real-Time KPI Tracking & Alerts

We designed Totality’s KPI dashboard to be fully customizable, flexible in reporting, and optimized for all of your mobile devices. Gain real-time insights into your portfolio operations and dynamically react to market conditions without making phone calls or reconciling data from separate sources. Maximize your profitability by monitoring portfolio performance in one simple interface.

Real-time KPI Tracking
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