Totality Vs. The Top 3 Loan Management Systems

Finding the right loan management system that will optimize your operations and maximize your profit can be an arduous task, so we’re sharing our notes on how Totality stacks up against our top 3 competitors to help make your decision a little easier. 

We might be new on the scene, but we pride ourselves on transparency, so we’re not afraid to share the pros and cons of our platform as a way to support informed decision-making for our future customers.

Totality provides a one-stop shop for loan management utilizing leading-edge automation to be accurate, insightful, and easy to use–so you save time, money, and hassle. 


Here’s Where We Rank on the Criteria That Matter Most to Lenders:


chart ranking totality against our competitors


Where Totality Shines

Loan automation is our bread and butter and makes utilizing our platform easier for your operations team and your consumers. Our out-of-the-box automation eliminates your need for expensive programmers to automate your operations. Our sleek, modern look allows you to show that you keep up with the times and have not fallen behind.  This is especially true for lenders with limited resources to hire experienced software developers.

With Totality, custom software enhancements are programmed in a timely manner without having to wait on a consultant or communicate between third parties.  Custom updates are primarily included in licensing fees which helps to ensure a simple and reasonable pricing structure. You won’t find yourself paying upwards of $15,000 to add a feature that you need in order for our software to function. That would be ridiculous, right?

And we won’t lock you down with a long-term contract. So, if you wanted to leave Totality, you could. But frankly, we’re not worried about that, because we know we built the platform lenders need in order to address real-world loan management problems.

We stand behind our product confidently so when you call for customer support you’ll reach our US-based tech team, not a call center. Onboarding is stress-free, and expert help is available when you need it.

Where Totality is Still Growing

Totality might not come with as many integrations built in as our competitors, but our list is growing every day. Let us know if there is a particular integration you’d like to see while we continue to build out our offerings.

Since Totality is still relatively new, our list of available loan products is limited to short-term online lending for the time being. That means we are not currently the right fit for loan products like auto lending, and B2B lending. We will continue to add new loan products and plan to expand these offerings in the near future. 

Our top competitors such as LoanPro and Epic Loan Systems have had years of development to build out many features and options – but they are just extras that most lenders are not going to have a need or want to use. If there are any enhancements or exposed APIs that we fall short on we are happy to work with you during onboarding to get them added. 


Totality’s cons are related to the duration of time we’ve been on the market but do not speak to the quality of our service. Our greatest strengths are centered around the way we do business: straightforward pricing, meaningful customer support, and no long-term contracts. Get in touch to learn more about where Totality is headed!


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